Add your pixel and comment to the site
to add your company, you need to go through Registration

the cost of placing a pixel and information about Your company on our site is from 1 руб. for 1 pixel size 10*10 px.

After registration, in your personal account, you can add information about Your company and send it for moderation. If the article is approved, you can pay for the placement of your article.

Payment is accepted through the payment system Payeer, where you can choose any payment method that is convenient for you.

before adding your company, read the placement Paravils

on the site before adding an article, a SPAM check is implemented, the cost is 1 руб., this is done to reduce the amount of SPAM on the site. If you send SPAM or your article does not match paravilam placement, 1 руб. is not returned!

if you have any questions or suggestions for improving our service, please contact us: