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Portal for placing a pixel and articles with information about the best companies from all over the world

Friends, right now we want to present you a new, unique in its kind, recently launched, but very quickly gaining popularity, site History Pixel.

How interesting can it be to you?..

Let's say that You are an Entrepreneur who plans to present yourself to the world to promote your business,

or, quite possibly, You are a Blogger who is not averse to seriously expand your readership,

or almost certainly You Are a Creative person interested in popularizing your ideas and creations,

or, in the end, for whatever reason, You Just want to attract maximum attention to yourself...

Then our service is made just for You.
To place your company on the field, you must purchase at least one pixel.
The more pixels you have, the more visible your company is. The pixel includes an article with a link to Your site, and a social network.
This means that a potential customer who clicks On your pixel will know About your activity.

If you have any suggestions for improving our service, please contact us: historypixel.com@gmail.com

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